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Bénédicte Pierens and Raphaëlle Levet first met while working together at French interiors magazine, Elle Décoration. After training at the prestigious Ecole Boulle in Paris, they went on to established independently their own interior design agencies, working separately on residential and commercial projects.

In 2017, their professional paths crossed again when they joined forces for the renovation and design of Hôtel Doisy in Paris. Following this, they co-founded their Paris-based interior design agency, BR Design Intérieur.

With its sophisticated simplicity and lightness of style, BR Design Intérieur creates inspiring interiors, with a touch of femininity. Their projects are defined by a relaxed, Parisian-chic attitude. Taking inspiration from the past to create contemporary interiors with personality.

BR Design Intérieur’s singular and creative designs give preference to unexpected material associations, imaginative solutions to structuring a space and custom-designed furniture and fittings. Their delicate and feminine style attaching importance to the use of natural light and subtle colour palettes.

For Hôtel Doisy, BR Design Intérieur’s sophisticated and elegantly unconventional design mixes botanic references with natural materials and muted colour palettes. Flora and vegetation provide a guiding thread, and the use of cane and natural wicker is also omnipresent throughout the hotel’s design.


Bedhead designer in association with Maison Drucker

Curious and rich from an international career in the world of fashion and decoration with Ralph Lauren, Hermes, Mackeene, for American stores Neiman Marcus USA and Bergdorf Goodman New York as well as an experience highlighting the furniture line for Gilles & Boissier architects, Inès Lucas has been developing her niche in the world of sourcing for the last fifteen years (Home Deco, Arts & Crafts, Artists, Fashion, Food), an activity she puts at the service of her vast network of customers.

Connecting customers, brands, creators, craftspeople and products to accomplishment different projects such as hotel renovation, partnerships or exhibitions. Recently, at the helm of various projects to renovate two private homes and a Parisian apartment for her clients searching for a touch of modern elegance Ines had shown her passion and creativity.

In line with this ever increasing network, Ines continues to develop the digital platforms that allow her to be constantly at the leading edge of information technologies, B2P the marketplace dedicated to PR that develops and distributes newsrooms for lifestyle brands (Deco, Fashion & Food) and the agency & Sens dedicated to the communication of Hotels, Bistros, Restaurants, Gastronomy, Chefs & Artists.

At the same time, her consulting assignments allow her to assert her creative vision, collaborating directly with the artisans, manufacturers and designers whom she personally selects for each project. The decor of the Hotel Doisy is an invitation to travel, created by BR Interior designs and inspired by Inès Lucas. As part of this project, she designed and created an Art Deco style rattan headboard along with the participation of architects and manufactured by Drucker.

Continually inspiring partnerships between culinary brands (“Les Petites Parisiennes” jams from Andresy & Sassy cider) and a new generation of restaurants within Parisian Boutique hotels.

Placing talents into the heart of a project, developing professional reputations and promoting fructiferous relationships for the success of a project are truly the characteristics that define her professional activity.

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